Child’s Play

"can u bleve dis B want a frosty while im on fb!"

What is wrong with children nowadays? They are disrespectful, self-immoralizing, dangerous, chaotic little people with a big person complex. The children of 2000 are acting less like responsible, chore-tackling students and more like rabid mongrels.  They don’t understand the value of money, the importance of hard work, of taking someone at their word and doing right to others. They remind me of a particular group of people… ADULTS.

Society is constantly running their mouths about how kids aren’t the same as they used to be. Where is the morality? They ask each other before signing onto facebook and telling the world about their crappy day at work or their new shoes. If I had a nickel for every “back in my day…” I’ve ever endured… well, with the recession, I could buy some milk, but still.

If we want to change the world, we have to start with our kids. If we want to change our kids, we have to start with ourselves. They learn how to make transactions, use manners, and spend money based on our habits. How many times have you used a cell phone while in front of a cashier? Have you ever had someone do that to you? It’s rude! You know it is. So does your child. In ten years your child will be doing the same thing none the less.

Do they understand hard work? My kids understand video games. Oh, all too well. But they also understand gathering wood for a fire, mowing the lawn, weeding, and clearing brush. They don’t get monetary rewards for their labor, but their eyes get so big when they realized what they accomplished with their little hands and feet. My boys understand that they don’t quit until the job is completed.

How many times have you encouraged any type of charity in your child’s life? Do you involve them in volunteer work in the community? They will be a lot less likely to help out in the future if you don’t instill that sense of good tidings from the start. Do you pick an angel off the tree at Christmas? Sing at your local nursing home? Donate canned goods for the hungry? If you do, bring your kids! Trust me, you will be saving the world, one can of beanie weenies at a time!

Stop treating your child like an accessory. Do you really think that kids suddenly got more sexual because of biology? No, it’s because we weren’t doing our jobs as parents! You can blame the schools, and you can blame the internet, but in the end, it’s our fault. We treat them to manicures, we buy them make-up. We stopped monitoring their TV usage, and kids play all video games, regardless of content. And even if you are watching all of these things, other parents that aren’t doing their jobs are against you. Your kids retreat to their house, where little Suzy has “cool parents” and you are left behind to pick up the pieces of your heart.

American parents, band together! The thing that has failed us most in recent decades is our lack of communication. We don’t tell our kids what our expectations are, and we don’t tell our fellow parents about them either. How can we best raise a group of world leaders, doctors, lawyers, and fast food workers if we don’t tell them what they need to expect? What are age appropriate boundaries now that the wholesomeness of youth is gone at a younger and younger age? Why is communication so hard to practice within a family unit?

And why is my cashier on her cellphone while ringing up my order?!?!


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