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The Plight of the Poor

To be honest, I am poor. And to be even more honest, I strongly dislike being represented by those who are not poor and have never been poor. Being poor is even more difficult than it sounds, you see. Most people think that to be poor, you have to have bad money management skills, a … Continue reading

Bad Dawgs

We all know about the cruelties of dog fighting for sport. It is morally wrong, completely illegal, and a predecessor for violent behavior later in life. But let’s face it; we may all love dogs, but the crime goes largely unnoticed. We see the drug dealers on the side streets in those unfavorable neighborhoods. We … Continue reading

Debt to Society

One very misunderstood part of society today is the justice system, especially how the conviction and prosecution part works. If people were better versed at the impact of convictions, America would fight for change. The following is a true story. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. Mr. Bob stole some money. More specifically, … Continue reading


Ron Perry made a very specific, very disagreeable accusation about our american government recently. He said that our current social security program is a ponzi scheme. For those of you not familiar with nationwide scams, a ponzi scheme is a system set up like a pyramid where people at the bottom are convinced to send … Continue reading

Child’s Play

What is wrong with children nowadays?¬†They are disrespectful, self-immoralizing, dangerous, chaotic little people with a big person complex. The children of 2000 are acting less like responsible, chore-tackling students and more like rabid mongrels.¬† They don’t understand the value of money, the importance of hard work, of taking someone at their word and doing right … Continue reading

Time Paradox

My lovely husband and I have been married for over six years now. I know just about all I can know about this man, for better or for worse. One thing that really buttons my butt about him is a long-standing argument that we’ve been having since the dawn of our marriage- he is suffering … Continue reading